Wally Roderick

Here is a case study from one of our recent clients.


Redesign companies website to attract a new, higher paying audience, while implementing an SEO strategy to reach that audience at a much less cost per client acquisition.


Create a custom tailored brand package for the company along with an attractive new site that ranks in the search engines for his industries keywords.


25% Increase in click through rate and client acquisitions. Steady growth in organin non-paid traffic due to our companies expertise in SEO

25% Increase CTR

20% Less CPA

272% ROI

8452 Unique Visitor

What We Did For Wally Roderick

Search Engine Optimization

Wally is a business owner who needed to be able to reach his target audience through different platforms. One of them being, Google search. We optimized all of his <h1-h6> tags with properly placed keywords, indexed his site to all search engines, set up Google Search Console, and a whole lot more. If I explained everything we did in detail, you’d be asleep after no time.

Web Makeover

When we first connected with Wally, His site was in dire need of some TLC. We fully gutted and started from scratch, and the results? Well.. Look at that wonderful review down below and tell me if you think we did a good job.

Competitor Analysis

To fully tackle Wally’s project with full confidence we needed to take a deep look at what exactly their competition was doing. After analyzing his competitors, we knew we would have no problems taking his business where it needed to be.

Re-Branding For The Better

After seeing the original branding of Wally’s company, and looking at what we had in mind…We decided to present an offer to Wally to rebrand his company for the better. We designed a new logo and branding package custom tailored to him and his brand.

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