Email Marketing

Email marketing is another of those very broad and complex subjects, but we’re going to try to explain what it means here in a condensed fashion.

The $0.25 definition is that email marketing is a way to stay in touch with your customers or clients. It’s the art and science of converting mildly interested prospects into very interested parties, interested parties into customers, and customers in to loyal, rabid fans.

We know email marketing is important, but most people don’t realize how important it is.” – Crazy Old Lady

What We Will Do For You?

Target Research

We dive into your current customer base and asses why they buy from you or your competitors. We analyze your products or services to come up with the strengths and weaknesses to further optimize our overall campaign efforts.

Set-Up Extensions

We use certain extensions for our email marketing efforts to ensure deliverable, open rate, response rate, and track all of the results. If your company suffers from lack of extension. Please don’t wait to speak with a professional immediately.

Automate Sequences

Tracking & Data


Follow Ups

Implementation & Distribution

Reporting & Analytics

How Important Is Email Marketing?

We know email marketing is important, but most people don’t realize how important it is. For example, “91% of shoppers want to hear from companies they do business with via email.” (Sleeknote, 2019) and 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes (Hubspot, 2017).

The challenge when using email marketing are several: to send messages often enough to be relevant, but not so often that the person on the receiving end feels like it’s spam.

Messages have to bring value to person receiving them and be interesting enough to open them, first, and read all the way through, second. The messages could be regular newsletters or just a short note to stay in touch, among other possibilities.

Credibly iterate low-risk high-yield intellectual capital before corporate ROI. Competently network high-quality expertise after granular initiatives. Appropriately redefine high-payoff web services without client-focused systems. Compellingly grow enterprise-wide e-tailers and end-to-end solutions. Authoritatively synthesize multidisciplinary results whereas cross functional methodologies.  Competently mesh cross functional growth strategies without goal-oriented e-markets.

Think About The ROI (Return On Investment)

What important to understand is that those who do email marketing make $44 for every $1 spent. That’s a significant ROI. We do handle it all for you from soup to nuts. We love email marketing.

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