Avery Young

Avery is our CEO and resident web design and SEO nerd/guru who obsesses over ROI and things like “show me that Facebook ad again?” or “what did you put for the metadata?” He loves generating money for his clients and feels like that’s the most rewarding part about his role in the company. He plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar, and we’re planning a big live Bhoom Jam as soon as Cynthia can reliably play a few more chords and decides she’s ready, but we’re not telling her that. Avery is a former professional Kendama player who now plays for fun, rather than competitively. His family means the most in this world to him and everything he does, he does with them in mind.

His first experience with advertising was when he was 18 and the manager of a retail store. He was far more than just your average manager, though. He was in charge of social media, print and billboard ads and placements, and managed a team of six. That’s called trial by fire. He’s always wanted to be an entrepreneur and business owner, and he knew the future was heading toward the digital world. So he took the dive into the digital marketing rabbit hole and here we are now. He has more certifications from Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Waze, Bing, and others than Carter’s has little liver pills. Most of all. He’s a nice guy. Integrity all the way.

If you want to contact him, email [email protected] And he never sleeps.

Master of Digital Marketing

Master of Search Engine Optimization

Master of Web Design


Phone: 509-255-8700
Email: [email protected]



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